78 per cent of all UK Android smartphone data transferred over Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is on average three-and-a-half times more dominant than 3G
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New research by insights firm Nielsen reveals that over three quarters of the UK’s Android smartphone owners send internet data via Wi-Fi.

This compares to just 22 per cent who chose to transfer their data through 3G.

The average UK Android smartphone owner conducts most of their mobile data ‘offloading’ via Wi-Fi after 5pm, peaking between 11pm and midnight when 90 per cent commence transference, claims the research.

3G data, however, tends to peak just before the working day begins, again at lunchtime and finally during early evening, when users are unable to rely on a Wi-Fi connection.

Meanwhile, the research reveals that 3G mobile data usage drops by more than 55 per cent between 6pm and midnight, but when factoring in Wi-Fi, it actually increases by almost 30 per cent.

David Gosen, managing director for digital, Nielsen European, explained: "Wi-Fi is on average three-and-a-half times more dominant than 3G when it comes to delivering mobile internet data services. It peaks around midnight as users gravitate towards social networks, driven by their desire to stay connected through all waking hours.

"Previously, the main insight into the volume of mobile traffic came from the networks' own records,” he continued. “Now, with Nielsen Smartphone Analytics we can complete the whole consumer picture.

"The implications for all stakeholders in the industry are enormous in terms of being able to show the total level of demand for mobile data, the drivers of that usage, and how it varies by operator and application type."

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