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Reseller programme will bring info on all products, schemes and marketing under one label
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by Scott Bicheno

Reseller programme will bring info on all products, schemes and marketing under one label.

IN A LONG awaited move, Sony has decided to rationalise its channel programme to deliver one point of contact for all resellers. Sony ?1? promises to be a single integrated partner programme.

One website will provide simpler communication with resellers. It will give access to information on all Sony products, incentive schemes and joint marketing funds. Sony believes convergence between IT, AV and
telecoms means more demand for integrated solutions and, therefore, the need for a single partner programme. This move coincides with the launches of several products which serve to emphasise Sony?s convergence credentials. The T2 series Notebook is designed for the ultra-portable market and is claimed by Sony to be ?the ideal mobile office and personal entertainment system?. The HT series multifunction displays feature an integrated TV tuner. Sony says the series ?is for people who find the conventional division between TV, computing and gaming illogical and restrictive?. It is available in 17-
inch widescreen and 19-inch.

Lastly there is the new, improved Walkman. This time it has 20Gb capacity and claims to offer 40 hours
of playback on one battery charge.

It must be noted, however, that this is when playing tracks using the ATRAC codec.



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