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Your partner for trade success

PCR is firmly established as the hub of the computer and IT industries. It is read throughout the business, from store store managers to leading executives.

It breaks the news and delivers the opinions and analysis that matter. Put simply, it is the trade publication that everybody in the industry reads.

The total monthly readership figure across print, online, digital, apps, mobile and social channels tops 80,000.

PCR focuses on the information readers need in order to benefit their business.

From product news to industry trends, major deals, technological developments and senior level opinion, PCR is where the market gets its information and speaks its mind.

This information is delivered in a variety of ways via a variety of media, thus ensuring options and value for its advertisers and a constant flow of information for its readers.

To find out how PCR can support your business year-round across its print, online, email, mobile, app and social channels, email Sarah Goldhawk or call her on +44 (0) 20 7354 6024, or email Gurpreet Purewal or call him on +44 (0) 207 354 6029.