PCR March issue Gaming & Esports roundtable: How to get involved?

In the March issue of PCR we will be running an industry roundtable focusing on the current esports and gaming market.

We are looking for industry professionals who would like to give their expert opinion for the Q&A.

If you would like to get involved then please send your responses to the below questions:

  1. What is the current state of the esports market in your opinion?
  2.  What are the best gaming platforms out there in particular, which are most favoured by esports fans?
  3. How are you seeing the esport market evolve? What are the current trends?
  4. Where do you predict the future of the esport market going? What can we expect to see more of?
  5. What are the top esports games?
  6. What are the commercial opportunities in esports?
  7. What esports partnerships are you currently involved in if any or the most notable you can identify within the esports sector?
  8. What are the current global developments in esports that you know of?
  9. What are the current developments in the UK esports market?
  10. How are women being actively encouraged into the sports world?

We will need about 100 words per question plus a profile pic of the commentator.


Please send responses to Michelle Winny michelle.winny@biz-media.co.uk

Read the latest edition of PCR’s monthly magazine here:

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