UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards

PNY X-PRO 90 UHS-II SD Cards Capture 8K Video

The PNY X-PRO 90 line of UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards feature V90 Video Speeds and leverage the latest in Ultra-High-Speed technology, UHS-II.

Designed for write-intensive applications such as 4K and 8K videography, these SD cards are ideal for when maximum bit rate and maximum frame rate are necessary.

UHS-II provides bus speeds of up to double those of UHS-I by employing two rows of pins for data transfer. When operating in Half Duplex mode, the bus employs both rows to transfer data in the same direction, allowing the card to achieve transfers of up to 300MB/s3 sequential read and 280MB/s3 sequential write. This means that the user can shoot video at incredibly fast speeds. Alternatively, the UHS-II bus can also operate in Full-Duplex mode (at half the speed of Half Duplex mode) whereby each row transfers data in the opposite direction at the same time, allowing for the movement of content from the host to the card and vice versa, simultaneously. This allows the user to execute two tasks at once, dramatically accelerating the speed at which they can execute post-production editing activities, translating into incredibly efficient workflows.5

The PNY X-PRO 90 UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards are the ideal solution to capture professional quality photo and video content with the blazing fast performance of up to 300MB/s3 sequential read and up to 280MB/s3 sequential write. These speeds allow the user to power through even the most intense photo and video applications, from content capture with the newest DSLR & mirrorless cameras and advanced video cameras4 to footage transfer for photo and video editing.

V90 Video Speed ensures a minimum sustained read and write speed of 90MB/s, enabling extended lengths of cinema-quality video capture in 8K resolution. This allows content creators to take advantage of the latest, high-end host devices on the market, such as the Canon EOS R5 & R6, the Nikon Z7 II, and the Sony Alpha 7S III, as well as other DSLR, mirrorless, and advanced video cameras.4

The PNY X-PRO 90 UHS-II SD Flash Memory Cards are ideal for capturing sequential burst mode HD photos, 4K Ultra HD Video, and uninterrupted 8K Video at 7680 x 4320 seamlessly, with incredible detail. Shooting in 8K provides content creators with significant benefits, such as greater flexibility in post-production editing as well as sharper, more realistic imagery.

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