Nebulon Launches smartIaaS

 Nebulon, Inc.’s, launch of its Nebulon smartIaaS solution, is designed to help cloud service providers deliver new services at a lower cost across both hosted and customer-owned data centres.

Nebulon’s smartIaaS solution provides, monitoring and maintenance of application infrastructure in both the CSP data centre as well as that in the customer’s own data centre via a single API.

“60% of enterprises have repatriated at least one application back from public cloud infrastructure services to their on-premises data centres due to previously unforeseen reasons, including cost, security, and compliance,” said Scott Sinclair, Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group. “As we see organisations become more strategic about which workloads are in which locations, they will increasingly expect the same experience and operational simplicity no matter which data centre they choose. Nebulon delivers that consistent, simple experience for both enterprises and service providers and its timing could not be better.”

The Nebulon smartIaaS solution can help CSPs in three other ways. Firstly, it can streamline the costs of a CSP’s existing services by offloading all data services from the server CPU, memory, and network to a next-generation IO controller in each server called an SPU (services processing unit). CSPs can therefore use 100% of their servers for their hosted applications, therefore buying fewer servers and software licenses and lowering their costs by 33% on average. Secondly, smartIaaS can also help maintain high customer satisfaction by keeping storage resources online during software updates and server maintenance thereby reducing availability risks. And, lastly but arguably most importantly, the Nebulon smartIaaS solution includes a zero-trust security model with end-to-end encryption to minimise security threats.

“In order for cloud service providers to not just survive, but thrive and lead in a competitive market, they need the ability to attack growing trends with differentiated solutions,” said Siamak Nazari, CEO at Nebulon. “There is a massive opportunity for CSPs to offer solutions, which provide a more cloud-like experience for enterprises repatriating or retaining workloads in private or hosted data centres, and I am thrilled that our smartIaaS-based Inca solution will allow customers to do just that.”

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