Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify

Top 5 Tech with Snapplify’s Wesley Lynch

Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify shares his top five pieces of tech that he thinks are rather cool

ZX Spectrum
First of all, a piece of technology that holds a special place in my heart is the ZX Spectrum. This was my first computer – I got it when I was only six. This really sparked my love for tech and I’ve still got it somewhere. I can’t seem to part ways with it. As you couldn’t access many games, you had to type in the programs and make the games yourself. This is really what started my interest in programming – there’s no doubt about that.



Mobile smart switches
I love mobile smart switches. These can connect to your WiFi or with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. There are so many places you can use them. I’ve got one of these switches wired into my pool pump. I’ve even used them on my Christmas tree lights! They’re transferable, effective, cheap and easy to use. My wife keeps telling me to stop rewiring everything in our house, but they’re cool, and everyone should use them.

Virtual assistant
Definitely next on my list of tech would be Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. For me, the big thing is the voice control function, especially when it comes to playing music. This makes it so much easier. We’ve always got music playing around the house, which is really important to me and is something that my children have grown up with. For our home, this is a real game-changer.

Xbox and the Xbox Game Pass
I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me here, that the Xbox and the Xbox Game Pass is an incredible technology offering. The value for money is unbelievable. I have always loved the Xbox systems, and each upgrade always seems to bring something new to the table. There is such a wide range of the best and latest games for the whole family – for me, for my wife, for the kids, young and old. Minecraft is also big in our world and so this will always be a favourite for me.

Akai MPK Mini MK3
Finally, the Akai MPK Mini MK3 is a great piece of tech. As you can probably tell, I really love my music. All the music equipment I own is old school, like my Marshall amp. But when it comes to the newer music tech out there, these keyboard controllers are seriously cool. You can pretty much do anything on here to create music virtually. In the same way that people want a good camera to be compatible with a computer, on the sound side, the quality and price of this midi controller makes this a big deal.

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