Netatmo releases new carbon monoxide alarm

Netatmo’s newly released Carbon Monoxide Alarm ensures that homes are both smart and safe.

Having a Carbon Monoxide monitor in your home is a legal requirement in all private properties, however, should be an everyday practice for the following reasons;

  • Carbon Monoxide is the result of the incomplete combustion of natural gas, oil, wood, etc which can happen from faulty or poorly installed fuel-burning appliances such as gas cookers, boilers, water heaters and more.
  • Carbon Monoxide is more common during the winter as fuel-burning appliances are used more often and since it is a colourless and odourless gas, it makes it impossible to know if you are being exposed to it without a CO monitor.
  • Being fatal if inhaled, CO prevents the blood from carrying oxygen around the body and can cause health risks such as confusion, chest and head aches, loss of consciousness and exposure can lead to death.

The Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm stops you from being exposed to any CO in your home as it measures CO levels in real-time and sends alerts to your smartphone if they reach a dangerous level.

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