CrowdStrike Launches Free Humio Community Edition

 CrowdStrike Inc.’s launch of its free to use Humio Community Edition enables users to consume 16GB of data per day and retain the data up to seven days – all while giving users ongoing access with no limited trial period. Additionally, customers can use their Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) data within Humio Community Edition. This allows customers to stream data at scale and in real-time, helping teams to prevent, recover from, and quickly understand the root cause of incidents. 

“I want everyone to experience the power of Humio. With Humio Community Edition, Humio provides the most powerful capabilities needed for modern observability. Humio is able to ingest any data, structured or unstructured, in streaming speeds and at scale, unlike any other solution currently available in the market,” said George Kurtz, chief executive officer and co-founder of CrowdStrike. “Humio’s log management platform is unmatched in speed, performance and storage abilities, and Humio Community Edition offers customers unprecedented access to best-in-class log management that you won’t see anywhere else – for absolutely free. Humio Community Edition is a game changer.” 

Built for the cloud, Humio Community Edition streams structured and unstructured data, and provides users instant access to their data with index-free searching, real-time alerts and live dashboards. This gives DevOps, ITOps and SecOps teams the timely insights they need to enhance performance across distributed systems and explore threats and vulnerabilities to build resilience in their operations and IT infrastructure. Humio’s live observability improves the quality and reliability of systems in real-time and helps operations teams not only proactively prepare for the unknown but also recover quickly from incidents and understand the root cause. Users also gain access to Humio’s marketplace and packages that extend Humio’s functionality, as well as guides to develop and share new packages with the community.

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