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Industry Opinion: Ready Player One

EZVIZ UK’s Simon Buckingham, Brand & Marketing Manager gives his personal view on where the world of gaming is headed and why blockchain is at the centre of this.

If you have not seen the film Ready Player One, I highly recommend it! This is the dream world of many gamers out there and the concept is actually closer to turning into reality sooner than you think.

Being an avid gamer myself, I always look for new and exciting developments in this sector, we have seen the gigantic uprise of eSports, which by the way is not new, even when I was a kid these elements of LAN tournaments etc. were in existence, but the power of WiFi, easier Internet access and continuous development of both PC Gaming and Console has allowed a worldwide expansion and opportunity. So much so, many players can now play to earn, build communities, play for prize money and generate income at home from playing games.

So what takes us to the status of Ready Player One? The ability to put on a VR headset and transform yourself into a virtual World? What will allow even bigger growth in play to earn aspects as well as have the ability to truly own your items and take them into the different worlds and games as you see fit, that are portrayed so amazingly in a film, like we just mentioned in a Decentralised manner? The answer is a combination of new technology and application methods utilising such things as Blockchain, NFT’s, coding platforms, Smart Contracts, Tokenomics and more. The creation of the Metaverse is here and it will replace the existing gaming world you know today, mark my words!

Some of you may know this kind of tech, some may just be reading this and wondering what on earth I am going on about. I will not go into major detail of Blockchain (you can check out my channel for that on YouTube: “Whales Of Wall Street” for more details), the tech behind this has allowed new levels of coding and development, more and more gaming producers are moving to blockchains to encourage a decentralised method, they in turn benefit more in terms of recognition, payment and control of their gaming creations. It is cheaper, faster and greener to use Blockchain.

Another layer to this is things like the clothes, skins, in-game items etc. traditionally locked within a specific game. Using NFT’s methods (Non-fungible tokens) blockchains allows not only the creation of items like this, but the ability to take them with you wherever you go in the metaverse (the gaming world of tomorrow). Within blockchain is transactional data, essentially digital fingerprints, of anything and everything you do when it comes to purchasing NFT’s, creating or building, as well typical uses such as Cryptocurrency etc. NFT’s can be “minted” meaning they cannot only be created (the object/item) they can also be melted down if sold in a game, and created as something new, but historic data will remain within the chain. Furthermore, the allowance to take YOUR items, with full ownership, to not be dictated to by centralised existing gaming platforms, you the gamer are in control of your own assets and avatar (within reason of course ensuring you behave yourself in these worlds!) NFT’s do not stop there, this principle of maybe going to a gaming event or any event for that matter, would allow you to use a scan of a QR code to collect an NFT. It could be a game character, an item, a limited edition object. Think of the advertising/brand power this can bring to the world. The NFT, could be sold on, but with blockchain you can identify its validation, removing any fraud, fake copies etc. along with historic data as we already mentioned.

Blockchain also allows the format of “Tokenomics” meaning you can swap cryptocurrency for in-game currency and visa-versa, with various stores of value but unique differences of what you can buy/sell in each land or game. Buying/Selling land, taking your assets to other games to sell/swap on different tokens, it is a whole new level. Play games to earn tokens, that can be swapped for Crypto – MIND BLOWING!

My suggestion is you take some time to research games like Decentraland, NetVrk (which has more than just gaming aspects) and the likes of SandBox and Terra Virtua, all built on Blockchain, unshackled from traditional constraints and development barriers, and Interoperability is occurring where YOU the player, have control. To throw another spanner in the works, imagine being able to sell off some processing power of your GPU when not using it? This is now a thing, thanks to blockchain.

Trust me, you think you know gaming…. Wait until you see what is coming!

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