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Industry Opinion: The gaming projector revolution

Damian Trendall, Line Of Business Manager B2C Projectors, BenQ UK Ltd explores how the gaming projector has come of age and is shaping up to be the next ‘big thing’ in gaming.

Throughout lockdown there was a significant increase in people getting creative with their home set-ups as we all sought to find imaginative ways to manage this new way of life sprung upon us. From 4K webcams and new monitors for working from home to the latest projectors for thrilling movie nights in, we invested more in our home experiences.

One specific trend that we’ve seen emerging from this is the gaming projector revolution. As people seek the ultimate ways to equip their homes for all entertainment scenarios, they want to be able to seamlessly switch between the different entertainment formats.

This new generation of multi-purpose, short-throw 4K projectors allows households to immerse themselves entirely in their story-driven and sim racing games by employing the big screen experience for some real escapism.

Of course, the more serious PC and console gamers, who need the lighting fast response times to excel in competitive play, will still want to stick with their gaming monitor set-ups.

The advancements in projector technology have come a long way. BenQ’s TK700STi gaming projector is the world’s first 4K UHD gaming model with 4K quality at 60Hz, 3000 lumens brightness and a 16ms response time. Imagine joining your team on the pitch and feeling the genuine atmosphere of a roaring stadium or stepping into the driver’s seat and feeling the adrenaline of the race on an immersive 100” image. That’s some serious gaming!

But the fun doesn’t stop there because the gaming projector isn’t just a gaming projector. Although they are specifically designed to meet the needs of gamers with improved response times, they are still, fundamentally, projectors. BenQ has an exceptional reputation for producing colour accurate projectors, and the TK700STi is no exception.

Providing 96% coverage of the Rec.709 colour gamut, the big screen entertainment possibilities are limitless. That means movie marathons with friends and family are still on the cards. Switch from mowing down zombies to an epic movie night before heading over to YouTube to watch some funny videos without any fuss.

Whilst hardcore gamers typically keep their entertainment and gaming display as two separate entities (usually with a dedicated gaming setup), the more casual gamer is happy to combine the two. The previously overlooked projector has similar usability as a TV, and might actually be the perfect solution to take home entertainment to the next level.

The future of projectors is exciting but our enthusiasm about the gaming projector revolution isn’t about trying to replace the monitor. For some, the obvious choice will be the monitor and for others the projector will be the next phase in their set-up evolution. We just want the two to live in harmony, platforming the projector is about making sure the contemporary gaming projector is given the same respect as the classic gaming monitor, allowing customers to consider every option and make the right choice as they design their perfect set-up.

Having said all this, I’m not suggesting that gaming culture is about to go through a dramatic shift as the world all abruptly throw their monitors away and run to buy a shiny projector. Rather, this is about what the gaming community has to gain in the future with continuous improvements and a growing market of choice.

Whilst the gaming monitor might always be the community standard for gaming, the gaming projector has earned its stripes and deserves the opportunity to prove itself as a larger-than-life portal to immersive entertainment.

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