AppSec Phoenix partners with Prisma Cloud

 AppSec Phoenix is partnering with Prisma Cloud on an integrated security platform.

AppSec Phoenix is an innovative risk management software that allows application builders and SMEs’ in-house security teams to manage their digital security needs effectively. The platform leverages the power of AI to identify cyber risks and offers continuous vulnerability monitoring and assessment, delivering a powerful and easy-to-use SMART Application Security tool.

The platform seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of scanners on the market, including Prisma Cloud’s cloud-based scanner. When AppSec Phoenix is paired with Prisma Cloud, users enjoy a comprehensive view of potential vulnerabilities and have complete control of all their cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and AliCloud and ensure they remain in full compliance.

Francesco Cipollone is the founder of AppSec Phoenix. Cipollone is a recognizable name in the world of cybersecurity, winning numerous awards and launching several security start-ups. He is also a thought leader and influencer in the applications security arena and has led security programming efforts for some of the world’s most notable brands, including Amazon AWS, HSBC, and other financial organisations.

Cipollone founded AppSec Phoenix to help SMEs simplify smart security and risk-based vulnerability management without going through high-dollar security firms and outsourcing security monitoring and testing. The platform is easy to use and employs innovative AI technology and industry insights to secure clients’ software. This simplified tool helps AppSec Phoenix’s partners solve complex security issues with one simple solution that integrates with many of their existing applications like Prisma Cloud. Thanks to its robust capabilities in identifying and resolving security risks, AppSec Phoenix saves companies time and money by cutting out lengthy diagnostic tests and blocking would-be cybercriminals from breaching their systems.

“The size, scale, and number of cloud-based applications is mind-boggling, but fortunately, securing your cloud-based apps doesn’t have to be,” said Cipollone. “AppSec Phoenix is pleased to offer complete integration with Prisma Cloud, one of the most trusted names in today’s cloud security sector. When these two powerful security platforms are paired together, you can easily keep track of and monitor all of your security for cloud services on one intuitive dashboard so you can quickly identify risks and resolve them. With this product pairing, you can enjoy peace of mind with the most effective vulnerability detection solution on the market.”

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