Tech Data now offering Cynerio cybersecurity healthcare solutions

 Tech Data is now carrying Cynerio Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity solutions. Cynerio’s IoT Cybersecurity Platform enables healthcare organisations to leverage clinically contextualised, real-time insights to identify and manage risk, optimise device functionality, and ensure patient safety and smooth operations.

“The rapidly accelerating digitalisation and connectivity in our public services brings the potential for huge benefits, but it also brings risk with increased opportunities for cyberattacks and data breaches.” said Craig Smith, vice president, Analytics & IoT, Europe, Tech Data. “Cynerio’s solutions help hospitals to keep their connected medical and IoT devices secure, enabling them to focus on patient care and well-being. It’s a compelling mission and we are looking forward to extending their reach among our community of partners in the region.”

“Ensuring healthcare organisations are secure is critical in today’s cyber climate. Constant barrages of cyberattacks have disrupted operations across hundreds of global medical facilities and have put patient wellbeing at significant risk,” said Joel Silberman, vice president, business development at Cynerio. “As Cynerio expands and accelerates across the European market, our partnership with Tech Data will enable us to accomplish our mission to help healthcare organizations across Europe combat cyber threats and achieve safe and lasting cybersecurity with a one-stop-shop platform that hospitals can use to maintain full operational continuity and continue delivering quality patient care.”

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