Deco Voice X20

TP-Link Launches Deco Voice X20, a Mesh WiFi 6 solution

TP-Link has launched the Deco Voice X20, its new mesh WiFi 6 system with Alexa built-in, in the UK.

This Mesh WiFi 6 system provides superior Mesh WiFi coverage and voice control experience. With voice-first capability, TP-Link is offering customers whole-home WiFi plus the convenience of Amazon Alexa.


With the Deco Voice X20, users no longer have to plug in multiple devices in every room to ensure you have both WiFi and a smart speaker close enough to respond to requests. This saves precious outlet space and money for anyone looking for both an upgrade to WiFi 6 alongside smart devices.

More importantly, by having a built-in smart speaker, Deco Voice X20 helps prevent common hassles facing many smart homes: connection issues. By being part of the same device, the Deco Voice X20 makes the divide between Mesh unit and smart hub truly seamless.

As a mesh device, the Deco Voice X20 is compatible with every other Deco model, to blanket homes with top quality mesh WiFi coverage through one unified network. No more scrolling through different WiFi names to find the one with the strongest signal. Every signal acts as one with one name and one password, so that users can enjoy seamless, smarter coverage with none of the hassle.

Offering reduced power consumption, more capacity and speeds of up to 1.8Gbps, the Deco Voice X20 also features OFDMA to increase the efficiency of home networks. Rather than transmitting data to one device at a time, OFDMA enables networks to do this simultaneously both for downloads and uploads. It also comes with advanced MU-MIMO technology which allows for more simultaneous device connections and continuous speeds.

Deco Voice X20 also comes jam-packed with security features that extend beyond just protecting your internet connection. Of course, you’ll get all the staples including the WPA3, which offers you some of the latest protection against hackers. Increased encryption also helps defend even weak passwords from being guessed by sophisticated brute-force attacks.

TP-Link HomeShield allows Deco Voice X20 to go a step further than common smart speakers, it provides robust security with real-time IoT protection. This identifies all of your IoT devices and monitors their security performance from the moment they connect to your internet. With a built-in firewall, Deco Voice X20 provides an additional layer of encryption and blocks against hackers’ cyber threats and attacks.

“The need for fast and seamless WiFi has proven more important than ever for working, living and entertaining over the last year. The Alexa built-in function is the perfect feature for ease and convenience around the home, making life that bit smarter. We are excited to be launching the Deco X20 Voice to the UK market to continue offering reliable connectivity for both work and entertainment purposes” commented Will Liu, Managing Director at TP-Link UK.

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