PCR September issue out now: Women in Tech & Diversity Special

It goes without saying that it’s important to have the right people for the job as after all it’s the employees that keep the cogs of a business turning. There are many companies in the channel already that put a significant emphasis on creating a balanced and inclusive workplace culture. Take for instance Extertis, a company that has put a lot of resources into creating the right work environment. For this issue as we have a focus on Diversity and Women In Tech, Exertis held an internal roundtable to discuss its employee’s views on how the company has worked towards creating a workplace of diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging more women into tech is very much on the agenda of many companies and we spoke to a broad cross section of ladies across the channel who were keen to share their positive experiences of working in the tech sector and why more women should be recruited, all the way from grass roots level right up to top tier one executive management. We spoke with Ramsac’s Sally Cooper about the diversity lag and why we need women in tech.

Privitar’s Victoria Normak discusses what life is like as a female Chief Technology Officer and her views on why we are not adequately teaching IT as a subject in elementary school.

Google Cloud’s Adaire Fox-Martin discusses her indirect career path into tech and what inspired her to pursue the career path she took.

Tech Data has launched a new business resource group, that aims to embrace LGBTQ+ personnel encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We caught up with David Watts, Tech Data’s Senior Vice President, UK and Ireland to find out more.

The tech sector has always embraced innovation so being open to diversity and inclusion should go hand in hand with this but it takes focus and realisation to make things happen and clearly many in the channel are working hard to achieve this and this issue, dedicated to Diversity in the channel and Women in Tech is testament to that.

Read the latest edition of PCR’s monthly magazine below:

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