iDenfy partners with Sparlay

iDenfy is partnering with Sparlay.

Sparlay is a free peer-to-peer sports betting platform that allows bettors to choose their own lines, spreads, odds and even challenge specific users or the public in sports bets.

Sports betting is one of the most highly regulated industries, with every country establishing different laws and regulations around the industry. Using iDenfy’s identity verification technology, Sparlay will be able to ensure that only users that are in legal territories will be able to deposit money and wager real funds in the application.

Sparlay CEO and Founder Elliott Workman emphasized the security of the app in result of the partnership with iDenfy, “iDenfy was an easy choice – affordable pricing and a very technical platform that I can depend on. My customers feel safe knowing that they can play on Sparlay legally and fairly. In addition to verifying my customers’ identity, iDenfy also runs the users against anti-terrorist and anti-money laundering watchlists, helping keep me and my customers fully protected.”

iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde welcomed Sparlay as its latest addition to the iDenfy portfolio saying, “This partnership allows us to continue expanding into the gaming industry where safety and security are essential. We have full confidence in the capabilities of our identity verification technology to aid in safe online betting and are excited to enable Sparlay to grow in result of our partnership.”

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