New Sisense Extense Framework with AI-powered insights

Sisense Extense Framework has been developed to deliver AI-driven analytic experiences directly within the applications users are working in without needing to leave their workflow. Sisense is also introducing several new infusion applications built on the Extense Framework to deliver actionable intelligence to employees for enhanced operational, logistical, and role-based teamwork, improving collaboration and decision-making.

The addition of the Sisense Extense Framework makes it easier for organisations to use Sisense as their analytical engine infused into any workflow or business application, freeing them from vendor lock-in and resulting in a variety of cohesive experiences across homegrown, native and Sisense infusion applications. By delivering intelligence at the right place at the right time, organizations can benefit from enhanced decision-making that impacts the business, including cutting costs, generating additional revenue, and pinpointing areas of opportunity.

“While three quarters of mid-sized organisations and two thirds of large enterprises tell us that ease of embedding intelligence and analytics into business applications is an important requirement in their software selection process, only half say it is easy to embed analytics into apps3,” said Dan Vesset, Group VP of market research analytic and information management, IDC. “This new framework from Sisense addresses a real market need by employees for less context switching among applications to access and act upon embedded intelligence in their daily workflows.”

“Sisense continues to challenge the status quo by innovating on new ways to approach analytics in a seamless and guided way. Customers will no longer need to adjust their workflow or leave what they’re doing to search for insights in dashboards alone,” said Ashley Kramer, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Sisense. “Now, any business user can go about their day-to-day activities in their favourite applications where analytics will be infused directly where they are working to impact everyday decisions.”

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