The technology creates a “one-time biometric” by projecting a cryptographic sequence of colours from the device screen onto the user’s face.

iDenfy App Helps to Stop Illegal Immigration in Lithuania

iDenfy and Fintech Hub LT Association are proposing a solution to the crisis at the Lithuanian border. The organisations are advising the government to use iDenfy’s technology to solve the illegal immigration problem.

The capabilities of the identity verification technology through the app would enable Lithuanian officials to identify migrants arriving at the border and determine their legal status to enter the country. It can be used in hot spots along the border in Lithuania and at Turkish airports where the majority of potential violators attempt to migrate to Lithuania.

The app can assist Lithuanian officials in identifying migrants who have travel documentation and passports and those who do not. Border officials would use the app, which will read migrants’ provided documentation or facial biometric data from a photo, to automatically search databases and identify migrants, their legalization status, and country of origin. This app will speed up the immigration process, and return those crossing illegally back to their homes, avoiding timely delays that come with processing.

“We hope that the solution we propose will serve national security, as the uncontrolled flow of migrants and the unpredictable actions of the Belarusian regime pose risks to everyone,” says Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy and member of the Fintech Hub LT Association. “In addition, it would help for illegal migrants to return to their country of origin more quickly and to provide humanitarian assistance for those who are in need.”

Vaiva Amule, the head of the Fintech Hub LT Association, added, “We seek to help to manage this crisis. The Fintech sector employs many talented professionals who can and want to contribute to solving the challenges of national security. We hope that the offered technology solution will help manage this crisis faster and easier.”

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