Quickchannel reports sharp increase in livestream viewership figures 

According to user statistics released by Quickchannel based on the performance of its own online streaming and recording platform, there has been a surge in video and streaming usage throughout 2020 and 2021. The sharp increase in figures can be attributed in large part to the worldwide adoption of hybrid and remote working since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, leading countless professionals to rely more on streaming technology to conduct business.

Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel says: “It is easy to assume that the increase in streamed content over the past 18 months can exclusively be attributed to the pandemic, but the truth of the matter is that COVID-19 has merely accelerated a trend that was already taking place. Businesses are increasingly embracing a digital way of working and now, as we adjust to a world where travel may be restricted to an extent, video streaming has become a key tool to help brands get in front of their customers.”

The company also recorded a boost in the number of unique viewers (28%) of its hosted content. As a result of this growth, Quickchannel saw over 102,378 hours and 25.8 million minutes of watched streams. In total, there has been a 6.1 million increase in the minutes since last year.

Underwood says: “The insights that we’ve gathered from our own platform’s performance provide us with the confidence that, even with restrictions gradually being removed, there will still be a strong demand for streaming solutions as many businesses will continue to embrace hybrid working. We do not view this as a temporary reaction to the status quo, but the first step towards the integration of video streaming into the way companies do business.”

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