oneclick AG’s Dominik Birgelen

PCR’s Top 5 Tech with oneclick AG’s Dominik Birgelen

oneclick AG’s Dominik Birgelen on his top 5 pieces of tech

Sage Coffee Machine
Like so many of us, I start my day with a great cup of coffee! Not only does the caffeine improve my mood, but it also enhances my brain functionality and performance. That’s why my Sage coffee machine is very important to me. Not to mention it’s a forward thinking brand, with next generation automatic machines in conjunction with smooth, slick design has not gone a miss!

Amazon’s Alexa
Next on the morning checklist: breakfast! I find it’s a great time to catch up on the latest headlines of the day, brought to me by my Alexa. Developed by Amazon, Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology that allows users to instantly play music, control smart home gadgets, get information, news, weather reports and more. With such a busy schedule, Alexa really helps to streamline my daily routine.

oneclick platform
I then start my working day by logging into our oneclick platform, a unified workspace in the browser that provides secure access to all my needed applications via streaming. Particularly useful in times of mass remote working, it is built entirely on web technology to enable device-independent and straightforward access for everyone in your team. Also, it features an extra security layer between users and the deployed applications, as well as features, such as a second factor and Single-Sign-On (SSo).

Motorola Razr
Taking it back to when I was younger and got my first mobile phone – the Motorola Razr really played a pivotal role in my interest in technology. I mean, who could get over the unfolding mechanism which was the closest thing to Star Trek technology?! Technology really has come on leaps and bounds since this device and I am continuously inspired by the cutting edge innovations we’re seeing every day. As a technology enthusiast, I’m proud to be working within such an exciting industry.

Last but not least, to stay organised I use the Todoist app! Running, growing and nurturing a business does not come without a busy schedule and therefore using my Todist app really helps me see projects through without letting anything slip through the cracks. What’s more, Todoist is an independent company, founded in 2007, with a clear vision to help people get the most out of their busy days, as possible. I love to support tech companies that are dedicated to their goals, making the world a better (and more organised) place.


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