Live video consultations remain popular despite the return to in-store shopping

Data released by Retail technology company, Go Instore reveals that its live video solution has remained popular despite the option to return to stores. In the first 4 weeks of physical shopping reopening, Go Instore’s live video offering has seen over 2.4 million unique visitors as customers continue to shop online.

Footfall remains 38% lower than 2019 levels, demonstrating a permanent shift in consumer behaviour to online channels. Overall, conversion rates have been unaffected by the re-opening of retail with brands using Go Instore’s platform seeing an average conversion rate of 19%. By adding a live video service to their digital offering, retailers can provide an enhanced experience to customers choosing to shop online.

This continuation of online shopping after lockdown restrictions lifted illustrates that new habits have formed, and this doesn’t show any signs of stopping. A survey conducted in September 2020 showed a 20% increase in UK consumers planning to purchase jewellery online after the pandemic, compared with pre-pandemic levels; and 16% more intended to buy furniture and appliances online.

Even with the option of returning to stores many customers are choosing to shop online, suggesting a societal change in shopping habits, and this shift has driven a 4.7% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) since lockdown restrictions lifted. Retailers using Go Instore are adapting to permanent shifts in consumer behaviours, and have built the solution into their long-term vision, to prepare for the future of retail.

Andre Hordagoda, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Go Instore says: “The pandemic has clearly changed the way people shop and accelerated an already growing shift to online. Retailers must adapt to consumer demands and offer the same experience to both online and in-store customers. An enhanced digital experience will allow retailers to improve their overall offering and increase online revenues.”

“Our post-lockdown results reaffirm that shoppers are getting the same value from their online experiences as they would in-stores. Live-video solutions are leading them to increase their spend via online channels. It’s important to remember that stores and their staff are still being used, just digitally. Footfall should now be measured not just by physical visitors to the store, but also those ‘entering’ via video. The future of retail is not about online vs. offline, it’s about combining the two to create a true omnichannel strategy,” Hordagoda adds.

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