Leahviathan & FUT_FG join Reign Gaming’s Ambassador Programme

Reign Gaming by Novatech has seen some considerable growth over the last year, with several content creators in the streaming industry signing up to their Reign Ambassador programme. Well, that trend seems set to continue, with an additional two big names in streaming, Leahviathan and FUT_FG, now joining the family too.

Leahviathan (a.k.a Leah), who has been live-streaming since 2015, was excited to announce her official partnership with the Gaming PC brand during her Twitch Anniversary stream earlier this month.

For dedicated fans, the partnership didn’t come as a total surprise, since Leah previously worked with Reign Gaming and ASUS ROG last year, building the limited-edition Reign Sentry Lux which she has used as her main platform for streaming since.

The official partnership couldn’t have come at a better time for Leah though, as she was planning to travel abroad later in the month and needed a way to continue streaming to her Twitch following of over 160,000 fans; her existing mobile platform wasn’t powerful enough to handle both gaming and live streaming simultaneously.

But that’s where Novatech came in to lend her a hand. Providing her with one of their brand-new Reign Gaming Laptops, the Nomad Extreme XL – a 17” gaming laptop featuring an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU – meant Leah was able to continue streaming as normal even whilst she was away.

Meanwhile, and within the very same week, FUT_FG (a.k.a Faraaz) was suitably excited to celebrate his birthday by announcing his new partnership with Reign Gaming too – quite the birthday present indeed!

Following in the footsteps of fellow FIFA Streamer Chuffsters, as well as other popular content creators such as Eerieissss and of course, Leahviathan, Faraaz marks the fourth new official Reign Ambassador to join the Novatech gaming brand this year.

A Twitch partner, YouTuber and avid Manchester City fan, Faraaz has a combined following of over 65,000 fans, all tuning in for their daily dose of FIFA Ultimate Teams and football shenanigans.

As well as joining his fellow streamers and content creators, Faraaz will be in the line-up alongside a whole host of real-world footballers too, including A.F.C Bournemouth Midfielder Lewis Cook, and Portsmouth-born Mason Mount who, much like FUT_FG, is also managed by the revered ICM Stellar Sports group.

Jerry Hughes, Digital Marketing Executive at Novatech commented, saying, “We’re so pleased to welcome Leah and Faraaz to the Reign Gaming Family. They both make absolutely brilliant content and we love that we’re able to support them in continuing to do so. We’ll be looking forward to making some new exclusive content with them too, and who knows? Maybe even some in-person events once the UK starts returning to normal!”

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