ScS Partners with Go Instore

Go Instore is partnering with ScS to launch myScSlive, a live video service designed to offer personalised advice for customers shopping from the comfort of their own home.

The myScSlive service, powered by Go Instore, allows staff to deliver a virtual store experience and recreate the one-to-one in-store interaction for customers who prefer to shop online for home furnishings.

This latest configuration offers an additional retail channel by allowing shoppers to have instant live consultations with ScS store staff, empowering customers to feel confident in their purchasing decisions, simply by clicking a button on the ScS website. Additionally, the myScSlive booking feature means customers can pre-book two-way personalised video calls with an in-store product expert at a time of their convenience to discuss how the products will fit their lifestyle.

“The last year has revealed the need to expand our digital offering. Many of our customers are now choosing to shop online instead of in stores but we want to deliver the same experience across both channels. Go Instore will play an important role in offering an enhanced customer experience, and the Appointedd scheduling feature will be key to our strategy now that stores have reopened, and customers are returning,” said Dan Bennett, Head of Online Sales at ScS.

“Appointedd’s booking features allow our customers to book VIP consultations with specialists with no distractions, to completely focus on the products they are interested in. We have already seen great take up with this feature with over 30,000 appointments booked.” added Bennett.

“Lockdown has caused a shift in consumer behaviour with almost half of all shoppers now choosing to shop online. Retailers must react to this change in shopping habits and consider how to replicate the in-store journey, online. Live video helps recreate the entire customer journey and bridges the gap between online and in-store channels. MyScSlive represents a hybrid way of visiting the ScS showrooms, adding a new and highly valuable channel to ScS’ offering.” said Andre Hordagoda, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Go Instore.

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