Confluent launches Confluent for Kubernetes

Confluent, Inc.‘s Confluent for Kubernetes platform brings cloud-native capabilities to data streams in private infrastructures.  

 “To compete in the digital realm, organisations need to quickly deliver personalized customer experiences and real-time operations, which are only possible with access to data from all environments and cloud-native advantages,” said Ganesh Srinivasan, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Confluent. “For organisations that need to operate on premises, we’re bringing the benefits of cloud computing to their private infrastructure with Confluent for Kubernetes. Now, any company can build a private cloud service to move data across their business regardless of its environment.” 

 Confluent for Kubernetes’ cloud-native capabilities, include a declarative API to deploy and operate Confluent. The platform also makes moving applications to the public cloud easier by migrating workloads to wherever needed them with the ability to connect and share data with Confluent Cloud. 

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