Softcat pledges commitment to achieve corporate social responsibility targets

Softcat has devised a sustainability agenda to drive it’s corporate social responsibility.

The tech industry continues to be a major contributor of e-waste and emissions from manufacturing.

In response to this, Softcat is focusing on sustainability within its operations in line with science-based targets, working to drive and develop a more efficient and reduced carbon organisation and IT industry. Most recently the company has:

  • Become a carbon neutral organisation, a year ahead of schedule in 2021
  • Is a FTSE 250 company committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and receive a 5-star rating
  • Reduced Co2 emissions by 37 percent over the past five years while growing revenue (162%) and expanding its workforce (49%)
  • Removed 2.5 tons of paper waste
  • Running its HQ in Marlow Buckinghamshire exclusively off renewable energy

The company will utilise key partnerships – including with the UN and Tech UK to expand its carbon neutral commitment to its full supply chain and customer solutions by 2040.

Softcat has pledged to migrate to using renewable energy across all of its office locations – in addition to its Marlow HQ – by 2024. This ambition will help to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the science-backed goals set in the Paris Agreement.

As part of this effort, Softcat will continue to reduce business travel, upgrade its pool car fleet to electric battery vehicles, and offer more flexible working options to help reduce staff commuting.

By 2040, Softcat aims to achieve a carbon net zero supply chain inclusive of all its suppliers and partners.

Softcat will achieve this goal by carrying out a full supply chain review including all vendors, suppliers and partners; lead environmental workshops, prioritise reduced carbon logistics options, eliminate single use plastics and launch its own sustainability awards to encourage and reward best practice in the industry. The company also plans to introduce a sustainability scoring system for the IT solutions and services it offers customers to boost awareness and promote positive choices among its communities.

In response to Softcat’s sustainability pledges, Alastair Wynn, Operations Director at Softcat, said: Social Responsibility isn’t a particular programme, it should be what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact. We want to be known as an organisation that allies socially responsible actions with successful business operations to benefit people, deliver sustainable performance and protect the planet for future generations.

 “We can drive this change within our own organisation, working with our partners and our supply chain, as well as supporting customers on their socially responsible journey through the technology we provide.”

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