EveryonePrint partners with HP Inc.

EveryonePrint is partnering with HP Inc. to expand its Managed Print Services offering to include the EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP).

HCP is an all-in-one print infrastructure solution designed for organisations looking to reduce the IT burden and cost-effectively realise all of the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for print infrastructure. It is completely serverless and fully flexible. There are zero upfront costs, organisations simply pay for the licences they need and it’s easy to scale consumption up or down, to accommodate changing business needs.

The HCP App, built specifically for the HP Workpath cloud platform and developer ecosystem, enables printer configuration to be managed remotely, while ongoing management, installing updates and adding new devices, can be handled anytime and from anywhere, freeing IT teams to focus on more strategic activities. Unlike some embedded clients which require an edge device on the customers’ network, HCP for HP Workpath is a completely serverless solution – the only hardware installed on the customers’ premises is the HP print devices themselves. HCP is also compatible with HP OXP (Open Extensibility Platform) equipped multifunctional products (MFPs).

This fully cloud-based solution is also secure. The platform does not require a VPN from the cloud to the printers and communication is solely from the printer to the cloud. Print jobs can be stored locally and delivered directly to the printer without leaving the customers’ network, can be securely stored in the cloud or a combination of both. HCP software also offers customers implementing a Zero Trust network with the highest level of assurance. It provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data in transit and at rest, and enables customers to use their own Trusted CA certificates.

 “The HCP App for HP Workpath highlights our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions to support customers’ cloud-first strategies,” said Tavs Dalaa, CEO, EveryonePrint. “EveryonePrint’s strategic relationship with HP makes sense for both companies – the integrated technology stacks will deliver a secure, easy to deploy solution that customers can implement now, as well as the ability to flex as their needs grow. Together, the two companies and their combined ecosystems have an opportunity to help clients simplify print management and benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology with little risk or investment,” he added.

“HP offers a comprehensive suite of technology and services to help our clients enhance the performance and productivity of their people. With the addition of HCP into our portfolio, we can help clients migrate print servers to the cloud to streamline print infrastructure management and enable flexible at home working – all through a simple single agreement,” said Paul Birkett, Head of Commercial Software and Solutions, HP Inc.


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