XPG Announces the XTREMER Partnership Program

XPG, has launched the XTREMER partnership program.

The XTREMER partnership program will aim to support talented content creators of all types including streamers, Esports competitors, cosplayers, and tech enthusiasts, among others.

Membership in the XTREMER partnership program gives access to a supportive community of like-minded creators and the support of XPG via Xtreme Performance Gear. XPG products will help members enhance their gaming experience, and by extension help them to create better content and achieve new heights in their content creation journey. The program is not limited to any pre-established level of fame or following. All content creators are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

The XTREMER partnership program offers several opportunities to acquire various types of rewards including XPG gear, Steam cards, and others gaming related items. The purpose of these rewards is to both encourage and support creators to push their content to the next level. All members are eligible to earn rewards. Feedback from program members will also help in the development of future XPG products and services.

The XTREMER partnership program is live now. Visit the link to learn more about the program and register today: https://event.xpg.com/xtremers/en

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