Lenovo unveils enhanced SaaS tool for PC fleet management

Lenovo’s Device Intelligence Plus, is a new enhanced version of its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) device health management tool.

Lenovo Device Intelligence, unveiled last September, assists enterprise-level IT administrators in the monitoring, diagnosing and remediation of PC issues while leveraging Lenovo’s AI predictive analytics to help predict potential system failures or performance issues before they occur. The new Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus solution carries over Lenovo’s signature AI-driven predictive analytics and adds even more proactive device insights and increased functionality to drive better business outcomes. The tool collects 10,000 data points every 15 seconds from each device, allowing it to monitor millions of aggregated data points across the fleet in real time. (It’s important to note here that Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is built on a multi-layered security stack with strict data privacy policies and takes a stringent approach to protecting sensitive customer data. More later in this release.) Then it reports on device health trends and provides deep root-cause analytics, quantifies end-user productivity impacts driven by IT resource constraints and gives valuable insights to inform decisions such as hardware and software investment right-sizing for better business outcomes. All this can greatly help a company optimise its support costs, increase end-user productivity and improve overall end-user experience.

When developing Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, Lenovo worked with Lakeside Software, a recognised industry leader in the DEM space. By integrating Lakeside’s solution with Lenovo’s own predictive analytics software, Lenovo has built a solution that provides a wider set of analytics and more tools to drive actionable insights and proactively impact service operations.

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