Data reveals the most popular tech brands in Europe

Experts at have conducted a study looking into Europe’s most popular tech brands and how their popularity has altered over the past year.

Annual search volumes were documented for each of the 20 most valuable tech brands and divided by the quantity of years since they were founded to establish a standardised annual search volume for each brand. can reveal that Facebook is the most popular tech brand in Europe with a standardised average of 21,869,008 annual searches. The social media site, founded in 2004, is most popular in Ireland (91,359,320 monthly searches), the United Kingdom (81,463,400 monthly searches) and Italy (79,643,310 monthly searches).

Ranking as Europe’s second most popular tech brand is Google with a standardised average of 16,405,202 annual searches. Founded in 1998, this multi technology company is most popular in the United Kingdom (88,934,770 monthly searches), Germany (85,110,050 monthly searches) and France (83,654,820 monthly searches).

Following behind is Instagram (2010) in third place, with a standardised average of 11,532,553 annual searches. This social media giant is most popular in Italy (24,967,690 monthly searches), the United Kingdom (23,212,240 monthly searches) and Germany (22,054,690 monthly searches).

Most notably, Xiaomi and Huawei, two Chinese tech brands, rank amongst the top ten most popular in Europe, respectively coming in fourth and eighth. Xiaomi, founded in 2010, rakes in a standardised average of 2,896,934 searches per annum, 155% higher than Apple (1,137,912 standardised annual searches) and 345% higher than Microsoft (651,013 standardised annual searches).

At the other end in 20th place is Baidu, founded in 2000. With only 354,666 annual searches a year Baidu accumulates a standardised average of just 1,407 annual searches.

Changes In Popularity During Pandemic
Experts at compared Google Trends averages for each tech brand between March 2019 to 2020 and March 2020 to 2021 to establish a percentage increase, giving insight into changes in popularity.

Despite ranking as the seventh most popular tech brand in Europe, Apple stands as the tech brand which has seen the sharpest increase in popularity as a result of Covid-19 with a whopping 76.3% Google Trends increase over the past year.

Standing as the second tech brand that has increased in popularity the most isHuawei, seeing a 71.4% Google Trends increase since the start of the pandemic.

Ranking third is Xiaomiwith a 20% Google Trends increase over the past year.

Baidu (17.1%), Dell (8.5%), Instagram (8.2%) and Intel (5.1%)have all seen a Google Trends increase, respectively ranking fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.

At the other end, we have Google who has seemingly dropped in popularity the most with a shocking -30.8% decrease in Google Trends average since the beginning of the pandemic.

Other surprising decreases can be seen in Microsoft (-15.3%) and Facebook (-1.1%) being among the major tech brands to see a popularity decrease despite our lives becoming predominantly virtual

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