InnoValor receives ISO security certification for mobile identity verification

Mobile identity verification technology provider InnoValor‘s NFC- based identity verification technology ReadID has received three ISO certifications: ISO/IEC 27701 for Privacy Management, eIDAS module for Qualified Trust Service Providers (digital signatures), and eIDAS electronic identification (eID) at assurance level High.

The company claims it is the first and the only technology provider in the identity document verification industry with a certified automated solution for qualified digital signatures and eID High. All certifications have been assessed by the well-known and accredited German/Austrian auditor TÜV.

Through their new eIDAS regulation compliancy, a substantial part of the customers’ audit responsibility can be removed.

InnoValor’s eIDAS electronic identification module certification helps with sector-specific identification and authentication requirements under legislations such as KYC, AML, and PSD2.

“In both banking and digital signatures, the cruciality of proof of security is increasingly more evident. Distinguishing between disrupting yet mature technologies, such as ReadID, and immature new technologies that can introduce important risks in vital processes is not that easy,” explains InnoValor Compliance Officer Bob Hulsebosch, CISSP. “Our module certifications prove that customers can rely on our identity verification technology as an important component in their solutions.”

“ReadID disrupts the remote identification industry, which still largely relies on OCR and video identification technologies,” ReadID CEO Maarten Wegdam adds. “Our new certification proves an unequalled trustworthiness of both our technology and ourselves as a company at the highest level of identity verification: qualified digital signatures and eIDAS eID High. This is a gamechanger for us and helps us scale out business further by reducing audit overhead.”

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