Salesforce and Tanium launch solution for remote working

Salesforce and Tanium have jointly launched an IT Service Centre solution for remote-working that provides secure, cross-channel support and service with two-way visibility for employees and IT agents.

It also helps resolve incidents before they’re logged with real-time endpoint visibility and control from Tanium.

Finally it brings together Salesforce trusted case management technology, automated workflows, and deep integrations.

IT teams will be provided with information, not raw data, so that they can be at the centre of the security and operational universe, with the ability to install or uninstall software with one click, and perform initial triage, diagnosis, containment and remediation. The solution will also reduce the numbers of steps they need to take to resolve an issue and it will allow them to be proactive, as they will be provided with alerts on issues and the ability to fix them before the employee needs to enter a ticket.

Jake Varghese, General Manager, Service Management, Tanium, said: “With the lightning-fast switch to remote work last year — held up entirely by overworked IT staff dealing with legacy, sub-par tooling — we wanted to carefully reimagine what the future of IT service management looked like. This partnership puts real-time data and control in the hands of the IT team in a way that’s never been seen before. Rather than having to manage separate and siloed tools, we’re providing a streamlined platform that gives the IT service desk an authoritative source of truth for managing the vast array of demands from their workforce, helping keep that workforce going while relieving pressure from overtaxed IT teams.”

Bob Laliberte, Practice Director & Senior Analyst, ESG, said: “ESG research highlights that three quarters of IT decision makers believe their IT environment is more complex now than it was two years ago. The number one reason (49%) for this complexity is the increase in remote workers due to work from home mandates. As a result, the need for long-term, effective employee service solutions is greater than ever, which is why this offering from Tanium and Salesforce is well timed. The two companies each deliver an important element of service management through a single solution called IT Service Centre. The combination of endpoint control and visibility from Tanium with the Salesforce platform and workflow capabilities delivers an innovative service management solution. This solution ensures resiliency and improves employee productivity by proactively patching, updating and enforcing compliance on all remote devices.”

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