Retail Marketing Group launches E:VENT Virtual & Hybrid Solutions

Retail Marketing Group (RMG) has launched E:VENT Virtual & Hybrid Solutions, a virtual world experience that enables businesses to bring people and teams back together. Designed to keep employees, visitors and customers safe whilst working from home, the new E:VENT solutions provide a bespoke virtual environment for exclusive, secure and innovative events, and offers intimate board meetings to full scale conference productions, as well as interactive learning, employee engagement, and celebratory experiences.

RMG’s new E:VENT Solutions supports bespoke events for 2 to 10,000 people, across an expansive range of event types. The immersive, 3D environment allows users to present live or pre-recorded content, create private spaces for secure conversations and enable networking between attendees. Each attendee can even create a personalised, interactive avatar, adding an individual touch to the online space.

Lysa Campbell, CEO at Retail Marketing Group, said: “Our primary focus was to create a solution that helps to bring businesses and communities back together again; collaborating in a way that is safe, flexible and fun for everyone. With so many people isolated at home during lockdown, our E:VENT Solutions allow businesses to collaborate and socialise in a more immersive way, in comparison to traditional video conferencing tools.”

Strengthening its investment in E:VENT Solutions, RMG has additionally invested in the right expertise, bringing in experienced event professional Jamie Benedict, as E:VENT Director to lead this new and exciting offering.

“Despite having over two decades of agency event planning, live production, communication and engagement experience, I was still blown away by the scope of the E:VENT virtual world and the potential to build virtual and hybrid event experiences beyond those of the current crop of live streaming service. I can’t wait for our talented team to start delivering innovative event experiences in our virtual playground,” commented Benedict.

The E:VENT world is a flexible and scalable solution to meet the needs of large and small events, networking or everyday remote working. With RMG’s exclusive Campus Service, businesses can create a virtual world of their own for long-term use, complete with conference venues, exhibition halls, meeting rooms and private conversation spaces. Companies who have worked remotely since March 2020 can now bring teams back together to collaborate, consult and brainstorm in E:VENT’s private co-working spaces.

“The RMG team is already operating day to day in our E:VENT world, and we have since helped a range of businesses to deploy the solution to benefit their people. It feels ‘real’, like you are part of a group again, enjoying memorable experiences together and generating that sense of community that has been missing due to the global pandemic,” Campbell continued.

Having used RMG’s E:VENT for three months, Facebook’s staff describe the experience as having a significantly positive effect. Matthew Thompson, Community Manager at Facebook, says: “The E:VENT virtual office has been a valuable asset to the team since we’ve been working from home. It helps provide structure to my working day and enables us as a team, to collectively work on projects, sharing ideas and insight.”

Shevorne Kattri, Community Manager at Facebook, added: “I enjoy using our virtual E:VENT campus when working from home, as it gives me a stronger feeling of presence; virtually being able to sit in an office and speak to my colleagues as and when I need to rather than on a phone call is one of my favourite attributes. It has enabled us to work better together as a team from home and has noticeably lifted morale during lockdown.”

“We’re excited to launch our E:VENT solutions and give people the opportunity to transform how they work remotely for the better,” Campbell concluded.

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