MHR launches AI-based HR and payroll security solution

MHR International, the HR, payroll, and analytics expert, has launched iTrent Shield, a new security solution to provide protection over sensitive employee HR and payroll data.

iTrent Shield uses an AI-based user behaviour analytics algorithm to identify and alert on user accounts that may have been compromised by hackers or trusted staff undertaking fraudulent actions. This allows organisations to quickly identify and stop malicious activity before it results in sensitive data being leaked or employee salary payments diverted.

Will North, Chief Information Security Officer at MHR, says: “The application of AI to detect unusual behaviour to protect HR and payroll data has never been done before. With attacks on HR and payroll systems increasing as cyber-criminals start to realise the treasure trove of sensitive personal and financial data they store, it is critical that the most advanced security available is used to protect these systems.”

iTrent Shield works by monitoring all user activity in real-time and learning what ‘normal’ behaviour looks like for each user, such as the IP addresses they connect from, the reports they run and how often they access sensitive data. When a user’s behaviour deviates from their normal pattern, such as if their account had been compromised or they were undertaking fraudulent actions just before finishing employment, the organisation is alerted so that immediate action can be taken.

North adds: “Although malicious intent is far more likely from external actors, employees can cause far greater damage due to the unfettered access they have. This risk should therefore be taken very seriously.

“iTrent Shield can significantly reduce the risk of operational, financial and reputational damage that organisations could face as a result of a breach of their HR or payroll system. It is the most advanced security solution in the industry and will set the pace for how HR and payroll data is protected in the future.

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