PCR March issue esports state of the industry Q&A: HOW TO GET INVOLVED

In the March issue of PCR we will be running a state of the esports industry feature focus.
If you would like to get involved in this then please send answers to the below questions:
1. Please could you explain a bit more about what products and services you offers to the sports and gaming markets?
2. What is the current state of the esports market in your opinion?
3. Please explain a bit more about the company’s involvement in esports gaming? Do you have a team or participate in a league?
4. Why is esports on the increase and how has it helped during the Covid lockdown?
5. How are you seeing the esport market evolve? What trends or developments are you seeing?
6. Where do you predict the future of the esport market going? What can we expect to see more of?
7. How does esports impact physical sports? Is it good to encourage virtual gameplay rather than physical?
8. Have you received or will be receiving any funding to enhance or grow your esports involvement?
I will need about 100 words per question and the deadline is 15th Feb.
Please send all responses to michelle.winny@biz-media.co.uk

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