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New AI capabilities added by Avaya to its OneCloud portfolio

Avaya’s OneCloud CCaaS and OneCloud CPaaS portfolios are now available with its AI Virtual Agent Enhanced, with new human-like automation features.

This conversational AI capability uses Google Cloud Dialogflow CX, and is part of Avaya’s integration of Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI). The combination of Avaya AI and Google Cloud CCAI blend automated and assisted experiences throughout a customer’s interaction with the contact centre.

Two leading U.S.-based telecommunications services providers are implementing Avaya Virtual Agent Enhanced to improve the experience their customers enjoy through more natural, nuanced and context-driven interactions. While virtual bots are ubiquitous, they had previously lacked essential capabilities for effectively interacting with customers, and the adoption of enhanced virtual agent features delivered by Avaya and Google Cloud is changing the game.

“Through partnerships with Google and others, Avaya’s OneCloud approach makes it possible for its enterprise customers to choose the flavor of Conversational AI that best fulfills use case-driven demand for machine learning, natural language processing and analytics,” explained Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research. “They can afford to employ Intelligent Virtual Agents informed by innovation that Google Cloud has committed significant resources to develop.”

“Avaya and Google Cloud are delivering AI innovation that is making organisations more agile, more responsive and more capable of meeting the needs of today’s ‘everything customer,” said Eric Rossman, Avaya VP of Technology Partners and Alliances. “Being first to integrate Google Dialogflow CX as part of Avaya Virtual Agent Enhanced is providing Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and OneCloud CPaaS customers with a unique advantage in tailoring and customising each experience and redefining what the customer journey looks like. Our strength in delivering AI continues to drive growth in our cloud solutions, and is making a real difference for our customers. ”

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