oneclick adds free cyber assurance into its secure application deployment

oneclick’s new Cyber Assurance that offers customers remote access to software applications and data via the oneclick platform that is so secure, an insurance cover is now available. Through partnering with product provider, Victor Insurance, and risk carrier, Württembergische Versicherung AG, oneclick is able to deliver the insurance cover for subscribers.

In contrast to classic application provision for remote workstations via VPN, oneclick operates a highly-encrypted streaming guarantee, meaning that no malware can penetrate the connected company networks from the outside. Cyber Assurance in conjunction with oneclick™ cuts out the extensive preliminary investigations that is needed with classic cyber-insurances. Furthermore, points such as the security architecture of the platform, resilience, minimum requirements for passwords, implemented rights and role concepts and multi-factor authentication have already been positively examined with the new application.

“For the provision and delivery of software applications and data, the oneclick platform offers its customers the highest level of IT security”, says Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG. “We often invest a lot of time to discuss the extensive security components of the oneclick platform in detail. We wanted to simplify and shorten this process. Certifications alone are not enough. For this reason, we looked for a more solid security for our customers and developed a cyber guarantee with our partners”.

“The concept of oneclick has convinced us”, confirms Alexander Arias, member of the management of the product provider Victor Deutschland GmbH. Together with the Württembergische Versicherung, an innovative and unique insurance concept has been launched on the market, with a real added value for customers.

“The new concept is also more economical than previous models,” Dominik Birgelen continues. “Many customers assume that with cyber insurance, their own efforts and investments in IT security can be reduced. But exactly the opposite is the case: policyholders are forced to use state-of-the-art technology. That can quickly become expensive, as investments have to be made to get a policy at all.”

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