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Get work done from home easier than at the office

Paul Butler, AOC’s, UK and Ireland Regional Sales Director, presents Philips USB-C monitors for the new normal

This winter is going to be a wild one, for sure. But there is always progress in every aspect to look for too, then prepare, adapt, and get ahead.

With the new circumstances the world had to endure throughout the year, thousands of employees had to adjust to mainly working from home many for the first time in their career. Most employees and companies were taken by surprise and had to act quickly to accommodate the new normal. To keep in touch with colleagues, teams and clients many companies implemented video conferencing systems immediately, which produced an acute demand of webcams that the market was unable to meet. Additionally, everyone had to adapt to their new work environment and workstations swiftly in order to keep productivity high and businesses going. All of a sudden, technology played an even more important role in peoples’ homes than ever before.

In this new environment, Philips monitors’ innovative products hit several sweet spots by solving more than one challenge with one single device.

Take for example a realistic scenario where employees are working from home (WFH), using only their work laptops (with 13”-16” display sizes). Such setup is neither ergonomic nor productive. Adding a second monitor to this scenario can change the entire WFH experience. From Philips’ business focused B line-up, the 24” 243B9 (Full HD) and the 27” 276B9 (QHD) offer a new and innovative way of connecting laptops, using USB-C. USB-C can carry power, display and data signals simultaneously. When connected to a laptop, these monitors can charge and power it (up to 65W), while mirroring or extending the laptop display at the same time, thereby offering simplicity and reducing cable clutter. The SmartErgoBase allows height, tilt and swivel adjustments for the most ergonomic working environment, even while home-working. One can forget the impact of working hours in a WFH environment, but LowBlue light mode and FlickerFree technology ensures reducing eyestrain and increasing eye comfort. Thanks to their IPS panels, these models can reproduce vivid, natural colours and offer wide viewing angles. Compliant with latest regulations, these models are also energy-efficient, with LightSensor and PowerSensor features reducing the consumption even more, and come with recyclable packaging.

For increased productivity, the 34-inch Philips 346P1CRH from the professional P line-up offers a fully-fledged USB-C docking station. First, the monitor comes with a built-in 2 MP Full HD webcam and additional sensors, supporting Windows Hello facial recognition and easy login. For increased privacy and security, this pop-up webcam can be tucked away behind the display. These days with video calls increasing, this feature alone could be a lifesaver. The USB-C input can power laptops up to 90W, while the Ethernet input of the monitor can route network connection to the devices connected via USB-C, ensuring fast, secure and stable connection to the outside. The docking features also include four USB 3.2 ports for fast data transfer and connecting keyboard and mouse. With such devices connected to the monitor, it offers another great feature: the KVM switch. This allows the user to control two computers connected to the monitor (for example a work laptop with USB-C and a home PC with USB upstream) with a single keyboard and mouse set.

Feature rich
While being a productivity booster with its features, the 346P1CRH also offers a great panoramic canvas to work with, thanks to its 21:9 aspect ratio, 3440×1440 pixel resolution and high colour accuracy. This ultra-wide screen can also be used with two difference input sources using Picture-by-Picture mode, making use of the extra width efficiently and productively. With 100Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync support, it will ensure smooth movements of cursors and moving objects – for example in 3D design – without artefacts. 500 nits brightness, DisplayHDR 400 support, 90% DCI-P3 coverage, 5W speakers also makes sure that it can handle any media in any lighting condition.

When you’re equipped with the right gear from Philips monitors, working from home can be a blessing rather than an inconvenience.

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