Creative Technology launches T100 Hi-Fi-style desktop speaker system

Creative Technology has released the Creative T100 – its latest addition to the long-running T series of 2.0 desktop speaker systems.

The T100 packs a lot of audio punch, with a room-filling and lifelike soundstage boosted by the improved BasXPort technology and delivered through a 2.75” full-range driver with built-in digital amplifier.

Enhancing the desktop audio experience even further, the T100 matches its powerful performance (total system power of 40W RMS, peaking at 80W) with a sleek form factor which occupies minimal footprint on the desktop.

Other specs include myriad of connectivity options – Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm AUX-in, optical-in, and a USB FLAC player – all of which are accessible through a remote control.

“Consider this your well-deserved step-up from your computer and laptop audio. We’ve spent countless man (and ear) hours on its acoustics profile to achieve a wide and lifelike soundstage with an incredible depth that goes beyond the actual speakers,” said Creative Technology.

“For a 2.0 sound system, this one really takes the cake. Firing acoustics power of up to 40W RMS and coupled with a built-in, high-powered digital amplifier, T100 produces a peak power of up to 80W. In a medium-sized room, that means you can enjoy room-filling, theatrical audio experience at the comfort of your home.”

The Creative T100 is available now for an RRP of £109.99.

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