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Within this month’s mag you’ll find our 2019 Top 25 Women in Tech list. As is always the case with this popular feature, I received lots of excellent entries. It was hard cutting the list down to just 25, and I really wish we could showcase everyone who took the time to enter.

Congratulations to those who did make it into this year’s list, and if you didn’t, please do enter again next year, as we want to make sure we highlight as many people as possible with these types of features. For this year, you can find out if you, or one of your colleagues, made it into the 2019 list over on page 17.

In this issue, we also delve deeper into the importance of a diverse workforce and the benefits of hiring people from different backgrounds in our feature over on page 24. This issue has been a real eye opener to how much the industry has evolved since I joined it in 2011.

With Black Friday on the horizon, we also look at the state of the retail channel, and how it’s preparing for the mega shopping season. In our retail analysis on page 6, we look at how retailers can make sure their websites are able to handle online shopping sprees, and on page 26, Gekko’s Dan Todaro discusses how shoppers are becoming more mindful with their purchases, providing an opportunity for high street retailers to appeal to consumers who are thinking more about the impact their online impulse buys are having on the environment.

In this issue:

– PCR’s Top 25 Women in Tech 2019
– Industry Opinions from the likes of Exertis, Zaboura, Cameo and A10 Networks
– Diversity in the channel
– Click and Regret: Gekko on mindful shopping
– Dealer Discussion: What plans do you have for your business in 2020?
– Life in the Channel: Acer’s Nick Walker
– Retail Analysis: Homepage improvements
Top 5 Tech: Okta’s Stevie Dennis
– Crowdfunding Corner
– Sector Guide: Gift-worthy tech

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