Swivel Secure updates AuthControl Sentry

Multi-factor authentication provider Swivel Secure has launched of its new AuthControl Sentry Version 4.1. The update means all ten authentication factors are available through the platform and can now be configured by users.

The update means organisations can now create a custom MFA chain for all or any of the authentication factors available. A customisable user portal can now be branded with an organisation’s identity to enhance the interface, creating a seamless user experience.

“The development team are continually working to improve AuthControl Sentry, our award winning multi-factor authentication offering. This latest version has a significantly updated interface and has been enhanced to deliver mobile optimisation across devices and customisable functionality that makes authenticating both secure and consistent with an organisation’s branding,” said Adrian Jones, CEO at Swivel Secure.

Among the authentication factors available is PICpad, an image authentication that uses icons instead of numbers, the ideal solution for multinational organisations to enhance its authentication consistency throughout the entire organisation.

Other Swivel Secure authentication factors include: AuthControl Mobile: OTC, PUSH, OATH, SMS; Biometrics: fingerprint; Voice and Hardware token.

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