World’s largest beer brewer opens cybersecurity unit

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the world’s largest brewer of beer, has opened its own cybersecurity unit in Israel in a bid to help protect itself from a growing number of attacks.

AB InBev’s cybersecurity hub will be based in Tel Aviv and will focus on analysing threats and potential attacks, said Luis Veronesi, vice president of global security and compliance.

Veronesi told Reuters that AB InBev has been facing increased cyber attacks, ranging from “financially motivated” hacks to attempts at disrupting operations. “With increasing digitalisation, we have to be prepared to defend against anything coming,” he said.

Jake Moore, cybersecurity specialist at global cybersecurity firm ESET, believes that regardless of their size, all companies should be looking at what AB InBev is doing to protect itself and thinking about how they too can tackle cybersecurity head on.

“Whatever the size of your business you should seriously consider in-house cyber security whether it is one person, a small cyber team, or an international hub – dependent on size,” he said.

“There is no excuse for thinking it won’t ever happen to you: no one is immune to the increasing threat of a cyberattack. Many cyber attackers will not particularly choose an industry but rather go for a soft target where they see a vulnerability to exploit and many vulnerabilities lie in companies who do not regularly check their own security.

“It is excellent to see the world’s largest beer company set up a cybersecurity hub to thwart the inevitable attacks and this will probably have a knock on effect to other industries. Protection, however, comes in many forms and training staff must not be forgotten. Not all attacks can be mitigated by having a hub as still many attacks get through the net with simple social engineering techniques and cleverly crafted spear phishing emails to entice an employee to undertake a task.”

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