Crowdfunding Corner: WiPhone, E-Pad tablet, U-Bolt smart bolt, Switch headphones

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the curve with PCR’s Crowdfunding Corner.

WiPhone VoIP mobile phone for hackers

(pictured above)

WiPhone is a unique, minimal phone designed to make it easy to extend and modify the device’s electronics and software.

WiPhone is also a VoIP mobile phone. It uses Wi-Fi to make HD voice calls, for free. This means that there is no required service contract.

The phone gives hackers, makers and engineers the tool “we all wish our phones could be”, as maker HackEDA puts it. “Nice package, direct access to I/O, an easy to program ESP32 processor. All the basics are already set up: user interface, power management and on/off circuit, and working code.”

The device works on most broadband Wi-Fi networks (including most home Wi-Fi connections). No service contract is required, and you can even upgrade the firmware or expand the hardware to do things it wasn’t originally intended for.

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E-Pad E-Ink Android tablet

The E-Pad is an Android tablet that offers digital convenience with a “truly paper-like experience”.

E-Pad mimics the experience of reading and writing on paper. Jotting down notes, signing papers or making notations on documents is smooth and natural using the included stylus or simply a finger.

But E-Pad says it is more than just a powerful notepad and digital reader. It supports Wi-Fi and is also 4G compatible to let you stay connected virtually anywhere. It is equipped with an advanced Android system, allowing you to download all your favorite apps. And with a 10-core processor, it has low latency and the power to run the latest apps and quickly browse image-heavy websites.

E-Pad comes with a 10.3” Carta screen, which reflects light like real paper, letting you read for hours without eye fatigue. E-Pad is designed as the perfect document viewer with full compatibility with all common file formats including: pdf, djvu, epub, mobi, doc, docm, docx and more.

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U-Bolt Pro smart deadbolt

U-Bolt Pro claims to be the most secure, and the most versatile deadbolt ever created. With Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption and premium alloy construction, it boasts to be unbreakable – both physically and digitally.

It offers up six different ways to unlock your door including: smartphone app, fingerprint, passcode, proximity unlock, magic shake or mechanical key.

U-Bolt Pro gives you complete control over access and users. Share temporary fingerprint, code, or eKey with a set schedule for the cleaning crew or grant one-time access to a friend.

All communications are encrypted using secure 128-bit AES via an embedded hardware coprocessor. The second layer of protection is the Dynamic Key. This key code is randomised for every single data transfer. Even if somebody were able to capture the AES encrypted data, the Dynamic Key protection would make it impossible to for them to unlock your door.

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Switch 3 in 1 wireless headphones

The Switch headphones have three modes: headphones, portable speaker and wearable speaker.

“Our passion for music has led us to create Switch as the ultimate device for listening in any setting. As a team of travellers, we know what it’s like to be on the go, and the importance of always having your music while you move,” says the device maker.

“Switch gives you the capability to listen and share seamlessly without ever disconnecting. This gives you freedom to focus on the important aspect of your listening experience.”

It features an adjustable headband, an ergonomically designed headband cushion, ear cups with NIF and NFC technology, and built-in volume and music controls.

Other specs include Bluetooth wireless 5.0, integrated call and music controls, a waterproof carry pouch and a 15 metre wireless range.

For more information visit headphones-speakers/x

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