Airtame unveils PoE to USB adapter for wireless screen sharing

Airtame has released its new PoE to USB adapter product for those looking for a constant, stable network connection when sharing screens wirelessly.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) can provide both power and a stable connection through the same cable when using the Airtame PoE to USB adapter.

When Airtame is PoE-enabled it removes the need for an AC power adapter and plug.

“A wired Ethernet connection with the Airtame PoE to USB Adapter is much more stable than a regular WiFi connection – and faster too. It gives users a cleaner and more reliable setup,” sad Airtame.

Airtame is a wireless screen mirroring solution that allows you to instantly display content from any laptop or mobile device to any display. Its multifunctional use case means that it can also be used as a digital signage solution.

Simon Hangaard Hansen, product manager of Airtame, explained: “If your Airtame is placed somewhere that’s hard to reach with no power outlet near or if you’ve simply got too much WiFi traffic, then a PoE-enabled setup could really help you out.”

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