Huawei announces plans for ‘Innovation 2.0’

At is annual Global Analyst Summit, Huawei CEO William Xu announced that the company is “moving into the era of Innovation 2.0”.

Huawei says Innovation 2.0 is all about “vision-driven theoretical breakthroughs and inventions”, and plans to “overcome the bottlenecks in theories and basic technologies that have hindered the development of ICT, and make theoretical breakthroughs and produce inventions”.

Huawei has established the Institute of Strategic Research to help make Innovation 2.0 a reality.

“In innovation 1.0, we have focused on providing innovative products, technologies, and solutions that meet customer needs,” commented Xu. “In Innovation 2.0, we aim to steer innovation and drive innovations in theories and basic technologies that can promote social progress. Universities make significant contributions in these areas.”

According to Xu, to make Innovation 2.0 a reality, Huawei will undertake initiatives such as building labs, working with universities, and making capital investments.

“We must consider industry challenges, academic insight, and the confidence of venture capitalists to conduct joint innovations, and share the results,” Xu said.

“Collaboration between businesses and universities is a two-way process in which both parties benefit by driving theoretical breakthroughs and inventions. From a business perspective, this means creating value for customers and serving end consumers through their offerings.”

The Institute of Strategic Research will be mainly engaged in research into cutting-edge technologies over the next five or more years. Each year, Huawei invests US$300 million to fund academic research in basic science and technologies, and technological innovation.

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