Lexmark launches print solutions for manufacturers

Lexmark has announced new solutions designed to “simplify business processes for its manufacturing customers”, including RFID Laser Printing, GHS Label Printing, Supply Chain Document Optimisation, and SAP Printing.

Lexmark RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing allows manufacturers to print, program and customise RFID labels and tags from a colour laser printer or multi-function printer (MFP) device. The solution helps eliminate the risk of mismatches between RFID tags and labels and consolidates device management into one RFID-capable colour device.

“RFID is a proven technology to help manufacturers maximise process efficiencies,” said John Linton, industry director, Manufacturing/Distribution. “Work-in-progress, logistics, yard management and document archiving are all typical areas where the radio nature of RFID helps overcome the line of sight challenges encountered with barcodes and visual labels.”

Lexmark GHS Label Printing for Manufacturing allows organisations to print colour labels that comply with GHS standards with little waste, while obtaining a solution that meets the most stringent requirements for the labelling of international shipments of hazardous materials by sea.

GHS is a system for classifying and labelling chemicals as they are used and transported, through a common framework of symbols and pictograms to communicate dangerous information on labels. With Lexmark’s GHS label printing solution, organisations can print colour labels as needed, while eliminating the need for pre-printed labels. In addition, the Lexmark colour printing process allows organisations to maintain high standards for consistent and correct GHS labels, in addition to meeting international shipping requirements.

Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimisation for Manufacturing leverages the Lexmark Smart multifunction printer platform and streamlines manual processes to help manufacturers gain visibility into supply chain logistics, consolidate devices, increase productivity and lower costs.

“Manufacturing and supply chain processes often rely on paper, making them slow and inefficient,” said Linton. “It’s also difficult to have real-time visibility into shipment status, which can impact customer service. And when a pre-printed document, label or tag is out of stock, it can shut down a production line and further delay shipments. We developed Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimisation to help manufacturers overcome these challenges.”

Lexmark SAP Print enables customers to tap into enhanced printing functionality of Lexmark printers and MFPs. As a member of the SAP Printer Vendor Program, Lexmark makes it easy to connect Lexmark printers and MFPs with SAP systems. Device types are developed by Lexmark using systems and procedures managed by SAP, ensuring device types are available for the legacy R/3 system and newer SAP releases.

Lexmark provides solutions and partnerships to address important client needs for print security, mobility and confirmed print output. Solutions such as Lexmark Print Management work within the SAP environment to provide the flexibility to print anywhere and secure badge-in printing, improving document security and user mobility.

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