Crowdfunding Corner: US:E Smart Lock, Cybershoes, TAIHE monitor, Huma-i air quality detector

With so much talent in the channel, it can be difficult to sift out the freshest gear and potential tech giants of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the curve with PCR’s Crowdfunding Corner.

US:E smart lock with facial recognition

US:E (pictured above) allows you to open your doors in a variety of ways: smartphone, fingerprint scanning, password, physical key, key fob, or facial recognition.

With built-in infrared 3D recognition technology and innovative 4-level AI recognition, the US:E recognises the user in daylight or at night time. US:E can store up to 100 faces and ensures photos and videos cannot bypass the system.

“We believe the lock is an important part of our home, and it should be intelligent. Our goal is to make a lock that is truly safe and smart,” said makers Elecpro Group.

“With its zinc alloy body and German B-grade lock cylinder, US:E passes the ANSI\BHMA Grade 3 safety test with flying colors. To provide your house with bank-level protection, we ensure our smart locks can withstand no fewer than 350,000 open/close cycles. Its durability guarantees your safety 100% of the time.”

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TAIHE Gemini on-the-go monitor

Many working professionals can enjoy the convenience of using multiple screens at their desks in the office or at home. However, UNICK believes that there are few options to do this when working in coffee shops, hotel rooms, or any other on-the-go situation. That’s why it made the TAIHE Gemini, which it claims is the most affordable 15.6-inch monitor with kickstand and on-board battery on the market.

Gemini comes in two versions: One has 1080p (FHD) resolution and touchscreen features, while the other offers up 4K resolution.

The monitor weighs only 2lbs and has a built-in battery life of five hours. It also works with any brand of laptop. No matter if it is HDMI, Mini DP/DP or Type C, you just need to plug and play.

As well as laptops, the TAIHE Gemini monitor works with compatible smartphones as well as gaming devices such as Xbox, PS4 and Switch.

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Cybershoes VR accessory

Cybershoes allow gamers to “literally walk and run through virtual reality”. They strap directly onto your feet, and when seated on a swivel bar stool, you can run and walk in-game.

Cybershoes are compatible with many VR games and their makers say they are the first treadmill-style accessory integrated into SteamVR.

“You want to be in the game and become one with your game character but you are limited to the joystick and the couch. Our idea is simple, you need a swivel chair and your Cybershoes, then full immersion can start,” says Cybershoes.

The gadget is compatible with any VR game that supports free locomotion, including Arizona Sunshine, Doom VFR, Fallout, Minecraft and Skyrim, just to name a few.

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Huma-i portable air quality detection

Huma-i is a portable personal air quality detection device promising the “highest quality in-house designed sensor modules for high accuracy readings”.

It measures fine and ultra-fine particulate matter in the air (PM10, PM2.5), CO2 levels, and other gases and volatile organic compounds. Its user-friendly ICON MODE means you don’t have to be familiar with fine dust levels, and its portability and design sensibility means you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

The makers say this device is especially useful for mother who may be concerned about the air quality around their young children. “Huma-i has thought about the major concerns of the mothers over and over, especially moms with small children, whose immune

systems are weak. One of their concerns is their kids’ safety and health,” said Huma-i.

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