In My Team: Shuttle Computer

Computer manufacturer Shuttle reveals how it is setting trends in the desktop PC market…

Who makes up the Shuttle team?

The Shuttle Computer Germany team currently comprises of around 50 colleagues. We cover the entire European market directly out of Germany, whilst our head offices are based in Taipei.

Sales, accounting, technical support, servicing and stocking of our XPC Mini PCs happens in Germany, with each department headed by a team leader. For marketing, this is Tom Seiffert, who is an old hand in the industry and has been at Shuttle for close to 20 years now. Alongside him, works Christian Scheibel on UK PR and marketing and five more people for PR/marketing, media design and product management. Sonja Robatzek is at the helm of UK sales.

Shuttle has a long history, with 25 years in the business. We have managed to keep most of the core team together over the years, while hiring new, reckless crew where necessary.

What does the company have planned for 2019?

We pride ourselves on our Mini PC brand “XPC” and are confident that we have a couple of aces up our sleeves for this year. With two product launches already, the XPC slim DH370 being the most recent one, we strive to keep the desktop PC business moving forward, while also looking to diversify the company and stretch out to vertical markets even more.

In particular, this means launching highly-durable Mini PCs that can drive multiple high-res displays in digital signage. Besides, we are keen to extend and fortify our line-up of all-in-one PCs that target shop owners and bars as POS systems. With IoT in mind, we are also working on a solution for edge computing.

What UK distributors do Shuttle work with and how does the company support them?

In alphabetical order our current three UK disties and long-term partners are Ci Distribution, GNR Technology and Terra Computer. We work very closely with our customers which means they can always chat to us directly whether it be a technical problem, advice on products, technical modifications to existing products in terms of a project-based purchase, or different kinds of marketing support. We also grant extended warranty periods, a long availability of products and spare parts where possible.

What’s the best thing about working in the tech industry?

It is ever-changing, keeps evolving and never gets dull. It is always around us, affects our daily life, and it is thrilling to follow new trends and even set those ourselves with products likes the first XPC – the SV24 – launched back in 2001.

If you were all stranded on a desert island who would last the longest and why?

We would try to make sure the whole team survives, as we are strongest together. Ideally we would send one or two to dig deep enough for water, and one more to set up WiFi – and then we’d be about sorted.

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