Huawei responds to security allegations: “We have never, and will never, gather UK information for Chinese intelligence”

Tech firm Huawei has responded to a letter written by the chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee, Norman Lamb MP, in which he raised concerns regarding Chinese legislation that may require companies to assist in intelligence work.

“I share the national security concerns that have been raised about the UK’s communications infrastructure and Huawei’s involvement in this sector. That’s why the Committee agreed that I should write to the UK management of Huawei to seek assurances on this matter,” said Lamb.

Huawei has now responded to the allegations, setting out its position on security.

“Huawei has never and will never use UK-based hardware, software, or information gathered in the UK or anywhere else globally, to assist other countries in gathering intelligence. We would not do this in any country,” said Huawei’s Carrier Business group President Ryan Ding, in response to questions surrounding the company’s potential compliance to assist Chinese national intelligence work.

“Huawei is a closely watched company,” he continued. “We have 180,000 employees and tens of thousands of partners, and we are subject to extensive regulatory oversight in numerous countries around the globe. Were Huawei ever to engage in malicious behaviour, it would not go unnoticed – and it would certainly destroy our business. For us, it is a matter of security or nothing; there is no third option. We choose to ensure security.”

Ding outlined how important the UK is to Huawei and said it working closely with the UK government and operators to identify and address any concerns about network equipment deployed in the UK.

“We are ready and willing to take on any technical challenges to meet the economic and security needs of the UK,” said the exec. “We have full confidence in the UK market, which provides one of the most favourable business environments in the world.”

Huawei said it would continue to honour its five-year commitment to procure three billion pounds in the UK, which will “serve to enhance joint innovation with our customers and collaboration with local research institutes”.

Ding’s letter also addresses questions surrounding UK national security and Huawei’s restricted business operations in certain countries, which the firm says have been “exaggerated or even misinterpreted by the media”. You can read the letter in full here.

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