Cubbit promises free cloud platform that needs no data centre

A new startup it hoping to shake up the way we think about the cloud and how we access our data.

Describing the cloud is “nothing but massive, polluting data centres in full control of the users’ data”, Cubbit says it offers a “radical alternative” to the usual model, which currently sees users paying to access their own data, and contributes to the 10% of the global energy consumption that the IT sector is responsible for – 30% of which accounts to cloud services.

Cubbit recycles the internet’s unused resources (CPU, bandwith, local storage) to build “the first cloud that needs no data centre” to offer up a distributed, green, and free cloud platform.

“As of today, our data are not ours anymore: we have got used to renting a room in someone else’s data centre,” said Stefano Onofri, CEO of Cubbit. “We pay with our data, and hard-earned money the day we run out of space. Ultimately, the internet is a machine fuelled by data and monthly fees.”

Marco Moschettini, Cubbit’s CTO added: “Cubbit is not a better cloud storage platform. It’s something entirely new: a paradigm shift in cloud storage. It is the one and only platform where you can save your data in absolute privacy, for free, while also helping the planet.”

But how is this possible? “It’s all thanks to the Cubbit Cell, our flagship device soon on Kickstarter, and to the distributed architecture of Cubbit,” explained Moschettini.

“Cubbit protects your files with three layers of security. First, by encrypting them with a military-grade protocol; then, by dividing them into dozens of chunks; finally, by spreading these chunks across the network of Cubbit Cells via end-to-end encrypted channels. The system is zero-knowledge. No one – not even us – can access your files.”

Alessandro Cillario, COO of Cubbit, further explained: “Each Cell provides 512GB of pure cloud storage space – expandable up to 4TB just by plugging in external drives via USB. What’s more, the user also gets up to four accounts.

“Cubbit is the world’s first eco-friendly cloud, 10x greener than traditional cloud services: for each 200GB stored in Cubbit the world saves the amount of energy consumed by a fridge in a year.”

Already up and running in eight countries, the platform has been in development for a couple of years. Shortly, the company is going to launch a Kickstarter campaign. However, those who pre-order now can save €100 on the campaign price. 

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