iPhone X1: Leaked prototype images show different 3D camera designs

Despite the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR models only being launched in September, the rumour mill continues to grind out predictions, concepts and alleged leaked images of Apple’s next smartphone.

Currently dubbed either the iPhone X1 or iPhone 11, the next smartphone in Apple’s range, like every new iPhone, is likely to have at least some new features. One in particular that a lot of Apple enthusiasts have been focusing on has been a new-look camera design.

At the end of December, Bloomberg wrote that Apple is working with Sony to integrate long distance 3D cameras into the iPhones X1.

Since then, a number of leaked prototype images have surfaced, the first of which shows a noticeably different design and placement of the iPhone camera.

Forbes reported that acclaimed industry insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka @onleaks, has revealed the new camera design, stating: “Given his exceptional track record, we can expect the back of new iPhones to look very different indeed.”

Here’s how the first leak looked:

Since the initial prototype leak, a new one has surfaced, also from Hemmerstoffer, showing a slightly more graceful looking camera design (main picture).

This mock up shows a return to the horizontal camera setup featuring a circular flash fitted around the main camera, with the mic just below it.

Forbes noted that the new iPhone X1 design features both a smaller notch and slightly thinner bezels.

“Hemmerstoffer notes the latter will be almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but the latter clearly frees up a lot more of the display left and right of the notch,” said the publication.

Hemmerstoffer stressed that both iPhone designs are genuine, but are part of Apple’s EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) process.

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